Clearing Your Players Cache

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Clearing Your Players Cache

Post by Stump on Thu Sep 24, 2015 10:11 pm

1. First thing you need to do is show hidden files and folders.
  Go to your control panel locate the Folder Options, (Appearance and Personalization),  once inside that go to
  the view tab and inside the Advanced settings, highlight the Show hidden files,folders, and drives.
  Make sure you apply these changes before you exit.

2. Now open up windows explorer, click on the C: drive, you should see a folder called Users open it up
   and now you should see a folder with your name on it or a folder with a small padlock on it.
   open that folder and find the AppData folder and open that.
   Now open the Local folder and locate the ArmA 2 OA folder and open it, inside that you will find a
   folder called MPMissionsCache.
   Open that folder and you will see a file Dayz_overpoch_24.Napf.pbo. DELETE this file.

  So your file path should look something like this.
  Computer - Local Drive c: - Users - (your user name) - Appdata - Local - ArmA 2 OA - MPMissionsCache.

  A new copy of this file will be downloaded next time you join the server.


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